2:37 PM

No Superhero

Frustration looms and hovers long every time I land in the discussion pertaining to my role as a Malaysian.

There is so much talk going on about change and wanting to see change happen. After a while, one wonders if we are saying all these niceties because it is the cool Christian thing to say. Or even, the cool Gen-Y thing to say.

Some days, I chicken out from chanting the gungho - "I want to see change!" - phrase. That little man sitting on my left shoulder throws discouragement my way time and time again - "Change, ay? What are YOU doing about change, Ms Gungho?" *smirk*

I roll back into my hideout, reflecting on whether or not my lifestyle reflects the change I want to see. And I wonder - When is that epic change going to happen?! Am I ever going to be a part of anything significant in this place?!


One wise man once threw us this thought. If he had one wish, he would wish to be younger again, starting off where we are right now.

No, it wasn't so that he could be a part of our very sophisticated, gadget-filled, no-time-for-anything else culture.. but so that he could start bringing on friend to Christ, and disciple him for one whole year. If that works out, he and his new brother could go out and each bring one more to Christ - spending another year in the discipleship process.

And in the following year, all 4 of them would go out and reach another 4.

In the wonderful world of math, it will then, take only 33 years.. that's right, 33 years - to reach the WORLD.

That's right, not just our tiny country. But, the world. And it starts from a mere ONE in ONE year.


I suppose, I don't have to be a superhero anymore. I never was one, anyway.

All I need to do is to be a friend. To one, two, three.. And start being a part of something epic - within a span of 33 years.


Imagine if we all reached one every year.

Note: I've not checked the veracity of the exponential calculation, you could do it if you want to :)

Esther Goh
Adelaide, Australia