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Hello! :)

Hello there.

We're people who have lost our minds along the way, and decided to come back to Malaysia after more than two years in Australia. Along the way, as expected, we have been angry with God and bitter at Him for hiding our minds so that we actually made such a decision to come back! People around us look at us like we're a couple of crazies not to have stayed on, apply for a PR and head on to a better life. We've ourselves have wondered why we came back, struggled with fitting in once again, and wrestled with our arms that so dearly want to pack up our stuff and book a plane ticket back to where we were.

Most of us return with the idea that we can "Change Our World" and that "We Can Make A Difference" (we are, after all, well educated and have experienced different cultures). Weeks back home turn into months and we find ourselves not doing anything like what the PowerPuff Girls did. We just can't save the world before bedtime. We still want to, but we just don't know how. Or rather, we don't know how or where to start.

It is our desire at this blogspace to give information about what is being done in Malaysia, as well as what can still be done. This, after all, our country and there's no where else in the world with more delicious nasi lemak and teh tarik.

We started out with the idea of sending letters (electronically of course) back to Australia. And then realized that much more could be done - hence the birth of this site. But for starters, we just want our friends to know that if they do decide to come back, they are not alone in going against the flow. There are people who have done that. And there is strength in numbers. And to let them know that if they come back, they've got people here who have been there, and done that.

We believe that the next few years will be very important for Malaysia. We want a change in Malaysia. And we want to say positively that change is already on its way. Still, talk without action ain't gonna amount to anything much is it. So for starters, we hope that this will be a platform for voices to be heard. This is just the beginning.

Mindy Oon
Adelaide, Australia (2006-2009)


Song Ai said...

Thanks for setting this up. We so need this. There are definitely many benefits in staying on in a developed country, but sometimes it's not all about you. :)