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Name: Edward Ling

Year Graduate: 2003

Current Occupation: Business Development Executive AND Political Secretary to Hannah Yeoh, State Assemblyman of Subang Jaya, Selangor


The main challenges faced when moving on from “student” environment, especially relating to your faith journey.

  • I have been a Christian my whole life.
  • However, since I was a high school student, I was a rather “angry/rebellious” person due to the systematic oppression in the Malaysian education system.
  • My university days in Australia were definitely a confirmation of my thoughts that “the grass is greener on the other side.”
  • However, although the urge to remain in Australia was very strong, I knew God had called me back to my homeland of Malaysia. This is in line with OCF’s purpose “Reach out, build up, send back”.
  • Being very idealistic, I faced difficulties ‘synchronising’ the Christian faith with the real world, especially in my working life. I fell into depression as my vision was shrouded by worldly wrongs, such as corruption and unethical behaviour that was rampantly practised at work. The selfish pursuit of wealth seems to supersede love, truth, compassion and the ability to want to help others. It seems to me that the good and Godly people are sidelined, whilst the evil and wicked prosper.

Explain how God has been faithful over the years, you may give specific examples.

  • God has always provided for me, and I lack nothing.
  • In my initial years of depression after returning from abroad, God told me that I needed to move from a “complainer” to a “change agent”. From within, with God’s help, I channelled my frustration and anger into passion. I moved from inaction to action. One of the areas which I felt God calling me into is the area of politics. I decided to join a political party in 2006 as I wanted to be like Joseph of the Bible, used as the salt and light to increase His influence in the world.
  • At that time, I rallied for other Christians to join me in the fight where “righteousness would exalt our nation”. Hannah Yeoh was one of the friends who took up this challenge.
  • In 2008, God opened the door for her to run for office in the state assembly of Selangor (Subang Jaya seat). I agreed to be her campaign manager.
  • During the campaign, our message was clear; we wanted to “preach” righteousness and Godly principles into all areas of society, especially governance.
  • We had no money to run the campaign, or any idea how to win the seat, but God has His plans. His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts higher than any other thoughts.
  • We have read of how God multiplied the 2 loaves and 5 fishes in the Bible, but we experienced that provision when we saw how God multiplied RM700 to more than RM100,000 to run our campaign and now our office.
  • By the grace and power of God, we defeated the Goliath of today with a 2/3 majority in a seat where it has not been won by the ‘opposition’ before.
  • Today, we continue to share the testimony of how God uses the weak to show that He is strong.
  • I continue to work in the ministry of politics, touching lives through the administration and governance of an assemblyman’s office as the political secretary.

Share one particular breakthrough in life so far that you believe will encourage young students’ faith when returning home/going into missions/going into work environment/going into the “world”.

  • I would like to encourage all of the OCFers who have no problems reaching out and building up but have problems going back to their home countries. I believe that it was in God’s plan that I was born a Malaysian. I believe that it is in God’s plan for each of you to be born where you were born. It was a very difficult decision for me to return home, and stay home. But God does not make mistakes. He positions us in strategic places for us to do mighty things for His glory.
  • Someone once told me that if you have a passion for the poor, start looking for them from where you come from. If you have a passion for the sick, start looking for them from where you are placed. If you have a passion for the illiterate, start looking for them where the need is greater. If you have a passion for people to hear about Christ, why not start with the ones closest to you?
  • I started looking deep down into my heart and searched myself. I knew that if I had stayed in Australia, it would have been for a higher quality of life. I knew that if I had stayed back, it would almost entirely be for selfish reasons as I knew that there were greater needs back at home.
  • It was a tough decision, as I knew that coming home would be less comfortable, and there will be many obstacles ahead. But looking back at what God has done through me so far, I trust that it was the right decision. God will provide for our every need. We need to trust, obey, persevere and set our eyes on God as we fight the good fight.
  • I sometimes still struggle with the “want” for a “better life” overseas, but I see each day as an opportunity for the purpose of God to unfold in my life, and to make a difference back home, here in Malaysia.

Edward Ling
Melbourne, Australia (2003)