6:23 PM


Hello there.

I was supposed to write this months ago but was a bit (only a bit!) lazy to use my brains to arrange all the thoughts swirling in my head. Over the last few months though, life (well, my life at least) has changed so much, I think I'm on a speed train.

Like most of those who came back, IT WAS DEPRESSING. Some thought I was mad to come back, others thought I was just plain dumb. I agree with both. Life in Adelaide would have been much greener, nicer, (insert all good adjectives here)...... Still for some reason I felt that I should be in Malaysia, and so packed up and left Adelaide at the end of 2008.

I came back inspired to make a difference. To be the change. To save my city. But in reality, I missed Aussie. I missed the lifestyle, I missed the weather, I missed Gloria Jeans, I missed all my friends. Not all was dark and gloomy though, in 2010 I got hitched to the man of my dreams, and that was definitely something to be joyous about!

Life wasn't a bed of roses though. Fresh grads in Ipoh don't really earn much, and I felt constricted when i came to money. Most of my friends were in the same boat, and disillusionment set it. But over the last two months, I have come to realize something very important. Even though on paper we most probably can't afford to pay all the bills, we have managed. With God's faithfulness, and His providence, we have more than enough! There is enough every month, we are more than blessed! I am learning to praise and thank Him for his providence, and to shout Hallelujah! when there are problems. I am learning that each one of us can CHOOSE blessings (or curses). I am learning that obedience comes before blessings.

And exactly two months ago, the Lord has blessed us with a little someone who will be arriving in seven months time. Is life here tough? Maybe. But if we can't be thankful for all that we are already blessed with, then no matter how much we have, will still won't be satisfied. Sure, I probably can't afford having dinner at San Fransisco steak house every night, and I can't afford a BMW. But really, I am discovering that life is more than cars, and fancy restaurants. Sure, money is important, and I would be very happy to have more. But i know that I will never be in need. Instead, I should be giving and sowing, so that it can be given back unto me.

Perhaps all our perspectives need a little tweaking. Being thankful is easy when we have more than enough. But being thankful when we don't, that's when we allow God to pour out His blessings.

So is the grass greener on the other side? In some ways. But I would never have learnt all these if I didn't come back to Malaysia. Hallellujah!

Mindy Oon
Adelaide, Australia (2006-2008)